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Think Alive

A Different Approach


The Status Quo

Many great organizations work for the disabled community, whether it be via funding, advocacy, mentorship, or through some other mechanism. The organizations that exist to provide financial supprt are typical looking to supprt one particular disability or cause.


Therefore, available funding is usually highly specific and often limited based on disability, gender, geographic location, activity, and more limiters. For instance, a scholarship may exist for a blind graduate student from Western New Mexico who wants to pursue a career in music.


Such trends lead to unequitable supprt across the disabled community. The most visible disabilities (deafness, blindness, and other severe physical impairments) typically receive the most funding.


Our Solution


Think Alive looks to reverse this trend and make activity-based funding available for any and all aspiring disabled youth through as many possible avenues and venues as possible.








Our Organizational Beliefs


Success Has to Start Somewhere


Everybody has something that they enjoy doing. For anybody, but in particular those with a disability, such passions and goal-setting can lead to a lifetime of success. By suporting these passions at both the elementary and advanced stages, Think Alive looks to turn passions into personal aspirations.


All recipients will understand the dedication needed for success. From there it is up to them, but with a Think Alive Achievement Grant, through experiential learning, each and every disabled American adolescent can find that passion early in life that can teach them a life of success.


Continuous Personal Growth


Think Alive can only fund our grant recipients for a given period. We hope to reinforce and cultivate the ambition within the disabled youth we finacially support. While what they achieve during this realatively short period is important, more vital is the recipient's further aspirations, goals, dreams, and most importantly, actions.


By creating personal bonds, maintaining relationships with recipients, parents, and health professionals alike, we will do our best to support their quest and personal development. Ultimately, a life path is chosen exclusively by the individual, but we aspire to enable long-term lifestyle changes through all of our programs.